Niseko is located on the north island of Japan. Niseko itself is a town which is about 20 minutes away from the ski mountains. Niseko's resorts are all located on the one mountain called the Niseko Annupuri Mountain. There are three resorts which are on the mountain. Grand Hirafu is the biggest. Niseko Village (which used to be know as Higashiyama) is the second biggest and the last is Annupuri. You can connect to the other resorts at the top of each mountain. There are shuttle buses at the bottom to connect the villages. The Niseko All Mountain Pass gives access to all three resorts.В 

How is the Mountain

The resorts are located on the side of the famous volcano and do in fact link up with one another. This means that although the resorts are separate from each other, a day riding could lead you to any of the 3 resorts of Niseko. Given that there are 3 resorts, there is a huge amount of terrain to choose. There is more than enough terrain here to last a season.

Annupuri has probably the best selection of terrain.

You can hike the summit at the top and then drop into the backbowls on the other side of the resorts. This opens up some sweet terrain and you can then link back around into Annupuri on the far side.

The terrain doesn't have the huge steeps and cliffs like in North America. The big mountain terrain with rocks and cliff hucks is not the highlight of Niseko. Instead, come to Japan for its awesome powder. It absolutely dumps down with snow in Niseko. It seems like every day there is a foot deep of fresh powder and it has happened that so much snow has dumped down that lifts were covered. Bring the fat boy powder skis or get yourself a wide board to ride the incredible pow. Strawberry fields is in the Hirafu resort area and is as close to backcountry you can get, as backcountry access is restricted due to avalanche danger.

On the other hand, it gets bone cold in Niseko. It was often -20c with a wind chill factor of another -20c. This can make the riding less fun. Often the light would run out at about 3pm and this would be the end of the day. The night skiing kicks in a bit later and is pretty fun.

Hirafu and Hanazono have linked tickets. so a season ticket at one gives permanent access to the other. The other two mountains you need to get a ticket for. But really, the best bet is to get an all-mountain pass early in the season and just deal with the cost.