Red Mountain

Red Mountain is located near the town of Rossland in British Columbia. It's only a few kilometres from the US border and state of Washington. There's no town at the base of Red Mountain, just a bunch of condos. The closest town is the town of Rossland. It's about a 5 - 10 minute drive (3km) to get to the mountain. There is no staff bus up to the hill, so it can be handy to have a car. Otherwise, everyone hitches up to the hill. Red is great because everyone gets to know each other, and you get into a real community. The community is all about the riding, not about the look.


Has it got enough good terrain to last a seasonВ 

Red Mountain is a bit hick, and it's a little bit rickety. Some of the chairlifts could do with an upgrade. But that's the point of Red Mountain. It's all about the riding, and it's got some great riding to do.

There isn't the big open alpine areas here and if you're looking for greens and blues, then you're better off elsewhere. There are some gnarli steeps out the back and there is definitely enough terrain here to last the season. There's great backcountry and on a powder day you'll definitely find fresh lines all day. There's some great backcountry off Mt. Roberts.

On a powder day, you'll end up just lapping the Motherlode chair, the main chair up the hill. Another great thing about Red is that there aren't big long traverses to get out once you've ridden down to get back to the main chair, unlike places like Revelstoke and Fernie.

There are basically no crowds at Red, which means more fresh tracks.